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Yes, it is exactly what came to your mind first. No, I didn't try it. What I want to write about in this post is that I got many offers of that kind. Mainly in bars. In different countries. I truly don't understand what made them feel that I might be interested in that type… Continue reading Threesome

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I start my vacation today. Well, the first part of it. I want to dedicate it to some traveling, eating, and a lot of sleeping. Today, I had the chance to sleep as long as I want. No limits. Guess what? I woke up at 6.30 a.m. as a matter of a habit. Waking up… Continue reading Vacation

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Extreme Temperatures. Cold.

In the previous post, I wrote about the heat wave in Portugal in 2017. This time, I want to switch to the opposite phenomenon - coldness. So, what was the coldest weather I experienced? I'll start with the location. Yes, your stereotypes are right. It happened in Tver (close to Moscow), Russia, which which is… Continue reading Extreme Temperatures. Cold.

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Extreme Temperatures. Warm.

I want to write about extreme temperatures I have experienced in my life. Warm. The warmest weather I have witnessed was in Portugal in 2017. That was a terrible heat wave without any break and a chance to rain. There were fires in the country. It was +43C. Swimming in the ocean was a good… Continue reading Extreme Temperatures. Warm.