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You Can’t Write

This is a story from my early childhood. I was around 3 years old. In those times, we didn't have smart phones and computers were a luxury. This meant that my parents wrote letters to my grandparents. Sometimes it took months for a letter to deliver, since the post was not a fast service either.… Continue reading You Can’t Write

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, my dear friends! I am sending you the best wishes, though with some clear delays. I have to say that the last year did not go as planned, but it was still better than 2019. Yes, in 2020 I had some complications, and yes, like I was afraid, some people left my… Continue reading Happy New Year!

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Day, 30. Challenge is Over

On August, 16, I decided to go for a 30-day blog marathon, while going through a terrible leg pain. The initial idea was to post every day, thus, the expected final day was September, 15. Since things never go as planned, there were 2,5 months delay. Today is the final post, where I write some… Continue reading Day, 30. Challenge is Over