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Season Outfits: Finland and Portugal.

Clearly, there are general fashion trends all over the world, and there are related local tendencies. Though my post relates to outfits, it has nothing to do with fashion. Instead, I want to tell you about some interesting aspects regarding dressing habits in Finland and Portugal, driven by the climate factor. Needless to say, the… Continue reading Season Outfits: Finland and Portugal.

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Russian vs. Finnish Soups

Today I will have a food related post, particularly I will introduce the difference between Russian and Finnish soups. In Russia, soup is basically the main dish of the day, and it is served for lunch. If you have any space left in your stomach (which I doubt), you can continue with another dish. Russian… Continue reading Russian vs. Finnish Soups

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My Modest Achievement (Video) 🎵🎹

Like I have already mentioned, since late autumn I started acquiring the piano. Before even being able to play a simple set of sounds together, I made a long list of masterpieces I want to play some day. One of my favourite melodies is melody by Yiruma "River flows in you". This is a simplified… Continue reading My Modest Achievement (Video) 🎵🎹

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Who Am I? Identification through Career

Hello! In this post, I will tell you a bit more about my career path and education I accomplished to have it. Like I already wrote, my first qualification is a teacher of English and German, and I worked one year accordingly (in Russia). After that, I moved to Finland for Master degree in Education,… Continue reading Who Am I? Identification through Career

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Lapland. Finlandia

I continue representing Finland, the country where I have lived for a bit more than 9 years. In this post, I will share pictures from the northern, and probably the most beautiful region of the country, - Lapland! I already posted these pictures, but not everyone of you could see them as I was not… Continue reading Lapland. Finlandia

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Who Am I? Identification Through Places. Finland. Part 2.

This time I will share the differences between Finland and Russia which shocked me, when I just moved to Finland. 1. Finnish people smiled a lot. Almost all of them. Almost always. It was a significant difference from Russia where people look serious, way too serious sometimes. It doesn't mean that Russian people are angry,… Continue reading Who Am I? Identification Through Places. Finland. Part 2.

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Who Am I? Identification through places. Finland. Part 1

This time I really don't know how to start. So I am 'going back' to my childhood. When I was small, my parents were reading fairy-tales to me. Those fairy-tales were from all over the world, representing the cultures of their country. Among my favourite fairy-tales and stories, there were Nordic ones. There were trolls… Continue reading Who Am I? Identification through places. Finland. Part 1

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Like you probably figured out, I live in southern Finland. Despite the stereotypes, winters were not that cold and snowy the past years in the southern part of the country. Usually, we have proper frost and snow in February, while December is a 'plus temperature' month. This time December and February are real winter. Just… Continue reading Winter!