Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates it today! 🐣🐥


Cabo de São Vicente

And here is the end if the world After that, we went to a near by beach to take a swim. The air was 22 degrees C, the water was 15 degrees, and the wind was cold. I got used to swim when it's very warm. So, 15 degrees especially when the air is not... Continue Reading →

A Stop on the Way to the West

We were heading to Cabo de São Vicente, and on the way there we decided to stop in an isolated place to enjoy the wild view on the ocean and rocks. Only in such moments and only in the southern Portugal, I hear myself and my sincere wishes, and I saw my bright future ❤... Continue Reading →

Sagres, the Walk

There was a path to follow, by the ocean. It was very windy, and I hardly could stand on my feet. The view was breath-taking and so new to me.


Here is where Portugal ends or starts, how you prefer. And not only Portugal, but entire Europe! You are walking in the area, looking at the ocean, and you feel face to face with nature. It is so powerful, you are so small.


Lagos is famous for its beautiful beaches. Well, which by-the-ocean place is not? 🙂 I am sharing with you the stunning views of Lagos beach. When I was young, I saw similar pictures. If someone would tell me back then that I will visit that lovely place, I will never believe it. And I was... Continue Reading →

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