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First Summer Days in Finland

Finally, I can boast about good weather in Finland! The last two weeks were great, the sun was shining, and the temperature was on average 20 °C. So, on one of the days, I decided to have a brief trip to Ruissalo, probably the biggest island next to Turku. I love being by the water,… Continue reading First Summer Days in Finland

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Archipelago, Finland. Part 2.

And here comes the second and final part of the archipelago trip pictures. First of all, considering rainy week before, it was luck to have the sun and light clouds during the trip. Another pleasant thing is staying over night in a cottage in a rather isolated area. However, it caused me some troubles as… Continue reading Archipelago, Finland. Part 2.

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The Best Place in Portugal

And this is where my count down ends. The place which absolutely stole my heart is Ilha Deserta, an island near Faro. The island feels isolated if you go away from the main beach. You can find the post where you can stay in private with your thoughts and simply enjoy the gentle touch of… Continue reading The Best Place in Portugal

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My Top 3 Places in Portugal. 3. Faro

With this post, I am starting the line about Portugal. I will review my 3 favourite places in Portugal and make a summary of my life there. Here is my 3rd place - Faro. It is a cosy town by the ocean in southern Portugal. I love that small lovely place, its places of interest,… Continue reading My Top 3 Places in Portugal. 3. Faro

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Lapland. Finlandia

I continue representing Finland, the country where I have lived for a bit more than 9 years. In this post, I will share pictures from the northern, and probably the most beautiful region of the country, - Lapland! I already posted these pictures, but not everyone of you could see them as I was not… Continue reading Lapland. Finlandia