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I was into plants, since I was probably 10. The school was going on vacation, and our teacher gave each of us a plant to take care of over summer. I was watering it and taking away old leafs. Quickly, I realised that this little green creature is very responsive to a good care. It was such a nice feeling. Gradually, I got more plants and I got a proper balcony garden.

I moved away, leaving my plants behind, but in good hands though. In my new home, I continued my hobby. Every spring I changed the soil and the plants blossomed in returned. At some point, I had a tough period in my life, and the care I could provide was minimal. The plants noticed it immediately…

Being back on track, I got new green co-habitants and took a good care of old ones. They just give such a lovely home feeling, and it’s nice to see those, who are with me over 13 years already 💕


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