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Day 28. Ville Valo

Today is the birthday of my favourite Finnish man - Ville Valo, the front man of the band - HIM. I was 16, when I heard them for the first time. The song was the Funeral of Hearts, which is their best song in my opinion. I was not into rock before, but this very… Continue reading Day 28. Ville Valo

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Music and Movies in 90s Russia

Here is the last but one post on the 90s Russia. 90s definitely brought a lot of diversity in all possible senses of this word. I don't think I am able to fit even 1/100 in this post, yet, there will be some overview on music and movies. First, let's have a flash back to… Continue reading Music and Movies in 90s Russia

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My Modest Achievement (Video) 🎵🎹

Like I have already mentioned, since late autumn I started acquiring the piano. Before even being able to play a simple set of sounds together, I made a long list of masterpieces I want to play some day. One of my favourite melodies is melody by Yiruma "River flows in you". This is a simplified… Continue reading My Modest Achievement (Video) 🎵🎹