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New Year

Year 2022 is almost over. It’s a year full of unpredictability and instability, which in the end somehow worked out. This year was full of events, both good and bad, both personally and in the world. What a roller coaster. Again, I felt like life was testing my limits. Again, I passed the test. I finally started accepting that it’s a never-ending exam, for which I hopefully will have energy. I am happy about how I handled challenging situations. Again, on my own. I am proud for taking care of myself and prioritizing myself.

I have several really important positive moments from the second part of the year, which I hardly expected to happen. But they did and made me happy. I really hoped that my year will end that way, but life spiced the last days of the year with a lemon. Again. But this is a topic for later.

Again, I decided not to make any resolutions. The only goal is to take care of myself and progress with my life no matter what pace would be.

Now, I want to thank you for your support through this year and wish you a great and successful year ahead. You truly deserved it! ❤️


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