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I Did Go Alone

To the concert. A while ago, I had a post about how much I want to go to the concert, but none of my friends in the city are up to the same music. Going alone is something against my culture, and I had many worries about being seen alone in such type of events. Many of you encouraged me to go, you were very supportive, and you gave related examples from your experience.

In the end, I decided to go. I got the ticket and went to the concert. The moment of arrival at the place was awkward. I did not know, where I should park myself and where should I look. Luckily, soon the music started, and nothing mattered. Really great performance. In the end, I went for the music. Interestingly, there were quite many people on their own. I guess this is rather typical for heavy music.

I did enjoy the music and great atmosphere. It was very therapeutic. It was a relief. After a hard week at work, where I need to play a particular role, I finally could relax and be my true self. Such a rare opportunity, but definitely precious.


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