It feels like it was in another life, it feels like it was a dream and like it never happened. I walked those streets, I lived in that city, I enjoyed the view, sun, food. I experienced communication with warm deep people. It all now looks so far away. It feels like I left my... Continue Reading →


Stockholm, day 2

The next day we continued the city tour by taking Hop on Hop off bus. It was fun to check out all the most important places. I especially recommend the old town, you can feel the atmosphere of old times.

2 days of Stockholm (Day 1)

I came to Stockholm to visit my dear friend whom I didn't see for 3 year!!! 😢 (kiss to you 😘 she's reading this 😍). It is easy to go to Stockholm from Turku (Finland), where I live, by boat. It takes around 10 hours to get over the sea. On board, you can do... Continue Reading →

Alfama, 1

This is the part of the city I visited many times. It's basically only area which survived in 1755. Thus, it is one of the oldest areas in the city, and maybe that's why it is especially attractive. I have been there many times, yet, every new turn taken leads you to a new undiscovered... Continue Reading →

A cidade, que amo ❤

Needless to say, that I returned to the lovely capital absolutely renewed, energised, and determined to change my life for the better. There are just places are people who wake you up and who make you to believe in yourself and your bright future. And gorgeous Lisboa was so bright and encouraging, so authentic and... Continue Reading →

Cabo de São Vicente

And here is the end if the world After that, we went to a near by beach to take a swim. The air was 22 degrees C, the water was 15 degrees, and the wind was cold. I got used to swim when it's very warm. So, 15 degrees especially when the air is not... Continue Reading →

A Stop on the Way to the West

We were heading to Cabo de São Vicente, and on the way there we decided to stop in an isolated place to enjoy the wild view on the ocean and rocks. Only in such moments and only in the southern Portugal, I hear myself and my sincere wishes, and I saw my bright future ❤... Continue Reading →

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