A little bit about the Finnish Culture

Like I promised a while ago, this brief post is about Finnish men and women, based on my subjective experience. The first thing you notice is that Finnish people are very beautiful and they look way younger than they are. Maybe the latter is the benefit of little sun. 🙂 The issue, which was quite... Continue Reading →


February, 14 ❤

In the heading, I put 'February, 14' as you may celebrate St. Valentine's Day or Friend's Day, like in Finland. Or probably, there is another name for this day in your country. I will be happy to hear, please, share! No matter what you are celebrating today, I want to wish you a lot of... Continue Reading →

Oulu, Finland

And this time, I am refreshing your memory of Oulu, posting pictures from 2016, when I visited the place. Oulu is a cosy city in the Northern Finland. Here it is: In the next post, I will write about my impressions of Finnish men and women. Don't miss! 😉

Lapland. Finlandia

I continue representing Finland, the country where I have lived for a bit more than 9 years. In this post, I will share pictures from the northern, and probably the most beautiful region of the country, - Lapland! I already posted these pictures, but not everyone of you could see them as I was not... Continue Reading →


Like you probably figured out, I live in southern Finland. Despite the stereotypes, winters were not that cold and snowy the past years in the southern part of the country. Usually, we have proper frost and snow in February, while December is a 'plus temperature' month. This time December and February are real winter. Just... Continue Reading →

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