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Hamster Drama

It happened many years ago. I still lived in Russia back then. I always dreamt of a pet, but my parents were negative about it. So, finally, I got the courage and bought a hamster. Hamsters are a lonely type, who does not need a company. As follows, my fluffy guy was on his own… Continue reading Hamster Drama

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Break Up

Luckily, this happened to me only once. Yet, it's a rather doubtful experience to overcome. I was seeing a man. Once, I went to the bathroom to wash my hands. A dyed black hair was on the sink (Not family related hair!). I became paralyzed. Then, I looked at the floor next to the sink.… Continue reading Break Up

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He Stole My Music

Some time ago, I was seeing a man, with whom we had the same music preferences. This connected us a lot. We had discussions about the bands that we liked. We introduced each other to new bands, which we had never heard of before. That was important, since music is a big part of my… Continue reading He Stole My Music