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How to Look Younger?

There are many pieces of advice on the internet. You can find anything from the diet and sleep routines to more invasive methods such as injections and plastic surgery. For some people, they work, while for the others - hardly. What seems to be the solution that will work 100%... to reply to the question… Continue reading How to Look Younger?

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Juhannus or Midsummer is a traditional celebration in Finland. People go to the cottage, grill all kinds of meat and vegetables, sail or in other words take it easy and enjoy nature and food. What a perfect plan for the longest summer day! However, there's one thing, which could be frustrating. It's the weather. Actually,… Continue reading Juhannus

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Helsinki. My Dear Helsinki

A day trip to the capital. What a wonderful change! When I moved to Finland (Turku), I was not fascinated by the capital. Yes, I visited the city from time to time, but no hard feelings attached. I was too busy exploring Turku. I remember the September day in 2019, when I came for a… Continue reading Helsinki. My Dear Helsinki