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I Miss Sochi. Part 4.

Another place in lovely Sochi, which is worth attention, is Krasnaya Polyana. It is located up in the Caucasus mountains, and it attracts a lot of tourists both in summer and in winter. In a warmer season, you can enjoy the incredible green views from above, and in a colder one, you can experience winter… Continue reading I Miss Sochi. Part 4.

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I miss Soch. Part 3.

Russia is the biggest country in the world (territory, not population), but if you ask a foreigner to name Russian cities, they will be limited to Moscow and Saint Petersburg, sometimes Vladivostok and Kazan. Nowadays, there is one southern city which also got on the list due to winter Olympics in 2014- Sochi. Being the… Continue reading I miss Soch. Part 3.

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‘You have young eyes’

Since there was Eurovision last week, I decided to have a special dinner and cook mussels. The recipe includes white wine as seasoning. So, I needed to go to the special shop to buy wine. In Finland, alcohol is sold in special shops, and you can't get wine from a regular food store. Needless to… Continue reading ‘You have young eyes’

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6 Years of Blogging

Just another year passed by here, and WordPress informed me about that. Initially, I started as a travel blogger, who lately writes about life in general. It has been 6 years of blogging in total. I have also reached 50k views about the same day. What I feel about it? I wish I had more… Continue reading 6 Years of Blogging