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Juhannus or Midsummer is a traditional celebration in Finland. People go to the cottage, grill all kinds of meat and vegetables, sail or in other words take it easy and enjoy nature and food. What a perfect plan for the longest summer day! However, there's one thing, which could be frustrating. It's the weather. Actually,… Continue reading Juhannus

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Yes, it is exactly what came to your mind first. No, I didn't try it. What I want to write about in this post is that I got many offers of that kind. Mainly in bars. In different countries. I truly don't understand what made them feel that I might be interested in that type… Continue reading Threesome

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Helsinki. My Dear Helsinki

A day trip to the capital. What a wonderful change! When I moved to Finland (Turku), I was not fascinated by the capital. Yes, I visited the city from time to time, but no hard feelings attached. I was too busy exploring Turku. I remember the September day in 2019, when I came for a… Continue reading Helsinki. My Dear Helsinki