My Eating Habits in Portugal

I already made several posts praising Portuguese food, so I will skip that part for now. All together I spent 5 months in Portugal, so I had a chance to eat like a Portuguese. 😁 The big change it was for me! In Finland, food hardly has any taste, and almost everything is fat free.... Continue Reading →



Lagos is famous for its beautiful beaches. Well, which by-the-ocean place is not? 🙂 I am sharing with you the stunning views of Lagos beach. When I was young, I saw similar pictures. If someone would tell me back then that I will visit that lovely place, I will never believe it. And I was... Continue Reading →

Other Things in Lagos

The things I payed attention to were not only architecture and climate. The city had interesting art of high quality on the walls, and local dogs and cats were running around reluctantly. Yes, that's the beauty of Lagos, so many aspects together, so diverse.

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