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 Why Do I Love Portuguese People?

There are individualistic societies, and there are societies referring to collectivism. They both function well and have their advantages. The only thing which matters is what suits personally you best. Coming from the southern Russia, I feel more comfortable in collectivist society, like Portuguese. What is so special about it?  This is probably the most… Continue reading  Why Do I Love Portuguese People?

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How Do You Eat Kiwi?

My today’s post differs from the previous ones. I decided to write about… how people eat a kiwi in two neighbour countries: Finland and Russia. I know the whole idea sounds ridiculous because how different it actually can be? But with Finnish friends we discussed this a lot, and it turned out that we do… Continue reading How Do You Eat Kiwi?

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Walking Around Faro

I woke up really early that morning, the bag was already packed, and I went downstairs for breakfast. Typical breakfast in Portugal is very light, and sandwich or a pasty with coffee. I was enjoying my breakfast outside. The air was so fresh, and the sun was so bright. Just a perfect morning. Once I… Continue reading Walking Around Faro

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The Portuguese Language 

I decided to make a separate post on the Portuguese language. Being a linguist, I am very curious about any language I was exposed to in one way or another. Language is not only the way to communicate, language refrects the culture and how people think. Elaborating on the language is my favourite approach to… Continue reading The Portuguese Language