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Helsinki. My Dear Helsinki

A day trip to the capital. What a wonderful change! When I moved to Finland (Turku), I was not fascinated by the capital. Yes, I visited the city from time to time, but no hard feelings attached. I was too busy exploring Turku. I remember the September day in 2019, when I came for a… Continue reading Helsinki. My Dear Helsinki

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Being under a range of stressful events, which seem never to end, I realized that I don't feel well, neither physically nor psychologically. My energy limits to the basics actions needed to survive. All the fun and entertainment is left aside. I just do not have energy to meet my friends even at the weekend.… Continue reading Self-care

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New Year Resolutions

Wishing you all a great year, although with some delays. I have not really been active on social media recently. At the end of the year, I found myself exhausted and tired. I had the minimum amount of energy to accomplish the compulsory things. All additional stuff was put aside. Luckily, I had some free… Continue reading New Year Resolutions

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I don’t want to travel

Since I started as a travel blogger, it's wise to speculate on trips as such from time to time. Not long ago, I made a post about lockdown. Continuing the topic, lockdown made traveling impossible for a while. Even to go to a near by city was a challenge. It felt like going to US… Continue reading I don’t want to travel

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He Stole My Music

Some time ago, I was seeing a man, with whom we had the same music preferences. This connected us a lot. We had discussions about the bands that we liked. We introduced each other to new bands, which we had never heard of before. That was important, since music is a big part of my… Continue reading He Stole My Music