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Lockdown 2020

Now, people start coming to offices again. At least in Finland. I decided to reflect on my personal experience from the last year, when it was less social. 1. It was positive for my own budget. No chance to meet friends for a coffee or a drink - money saved. Also, I limited my visits… Continue reading Lockdown 2020

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Break Up

Luckily, this happened to me only once. Yet, it's a rather doubtful experience to overcome. I was seeing a man. Once, I went to the bathroom to wash my hands. A dyed black hair was on the sink (Not family related hair!). I became paralyzed. Then, I looked at the floor next to the sink.… Continue reading Break Up

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He Stole My Music

Some time ago, I was seeing a man, with whom we had the same music preferences. This connected us a lot. We had discussions about the bands that we liked. We introduced each other to new bands, which we had never heard of before. That was important, since music is a big part of my… Continue reading He Stole My Music

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Hello Autumn! ❤️

The summer is over. I have quite mixed feelings about it. I definitely had some bright moments. I had many plans, and most of them worked out. I had some challenging situations as well, and I said 'good bye' to a couple of people. My summer seems pretty active, isn't it? Yet, I have the… Continue reading Hello Autumn! ❤️

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‘You have young eyes’

Since there was Eurovision last week, I decided to have a special dinner and cook mussels. The recipe includes white wine as seasoning. So, I needed to go to the special shop to buy wine. In Finland, alcohol is sold in special shops, and you can't get wine from a regular food store. Needless to… Continue reading ‘You have young eyes’

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6 Years of Blogging

Just another year passed by here, and WordPress informed me about that. Initially, I started as a travel blogger, who lately writes about life in general. It has been 6 years of blogging in total. I have also reached 50k views about the same day. What I feel about it? I wish I had more… Continue reading 6 Years of Blogging

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Down-to-earth Post

Hello everyone! Here in Finland, the weather has been amazing for several days. It's summer, which will not last for too long. The sun and warmth always give me extra energy, energy to think and do. The last a couple of years were quite massy. All my perfect well-calculated life plans got smashed by unpredictable… Continue reading Down-to-earth Post