On the way to Portugal

Yesterday I was still in the office in Finland. It was my last day work day before the short trip, I was anxious, I was not sure if it is actually right to go back to Portugal. I felt like there are so many places I have never been to, but I go back to... Continue Reading →


Praias (Beaches)

Needless to say, besides the university, I spent a lot of time on awesome Portuguese beaches. As I stayed most of the time in Lisboa, the praias were Carcavelos and Estoril. So many nice memories ❤ September was magic. Most tourist were gone, the water got warm, and the sun was not burning so badly.... Continue Reading →

Final Post on Alfama

Needless to say, that after my trip I have a huge number of pictures from different area of Portugal on a different occasion. I want to finalise the photo report of Alfama, the oldest area in Lisbon. This is probably the most artistic part of it. Please, enjoy:


It feels like it was in another life, it feels like it was a dream and like it never happened. I walked those streets, I lived in that city, I enjoyed the view, sun, food. I experienced communication with warm deep people. It all now looks so far away. It feels like I left my... Continue Reading →

Stockholm, day 2

The next day we continued the city tour by taking Hop on Hop off bus. It was fun to check out all the most important places. I especially recommend the old town, you can feel the atmosphere of old times.

2 days of Stockholm (Day 1)

I came to Stockholm to visit my dear friend whom I didn't see for 3 year!!! 😢 (kiss to you 😘 she's reading this 😍). It is easy to go to Stockholm from Turku (Finland), where I live, by boat. It takes around 10 hours to get over the sea. On board, you can do... Continue Reading →

Alfama, 1

This is the part of the city I visited many times. It's basically only area which survived in 1755. Thus, it is one of the oldest areas in the city, and maybe that's why it is especially attractive. I have been there many times, yet, every new turn taken leads you to a new undiscovered... Continue Reading →

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