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New Year Fears

Happy New Year!!!! How did you celebrate?

We were in Helsinki, my favourite destination here in Finland. Always a lot to do, places to go, people to talk to. Capital is capital.

The celebration included a late lunch in our favourite Chinese restaurant, a nap, a new set of make-up, three-course dinner, and a couple of rock bars.

Another option was to go and see the new year concert outside, but this is where my fears took over.

1. I’m afraid to get a schampaigne cork into my eye. People are happy, people are drunk. They want to celebrate, and they want more schampaigne. In this state they have even less control over the flying cork, than I have over my life.

2. Fireworks that people shoot, not the city occasion. Totally the same reason to worry about.

Those were the reason to choose the inside celebration over the outside.

Happy New Year! You deserve the best! ❤️


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