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Emergency Calls on a Date

I have not done it for ages, but in my early 20s it was not that rare occasion. Between the girls, we had the agreement that if you have a really bad date, you secretly sent a SOS message. After this message, a receiver calls you, saying that there is some kind of a disaster, and your personal presence is needed. Urgently. Thus, you have an excuse to leave a bad date immediately, and you have a good reason for that.

I was a terrible caller, I have to say. I didn’t even bother to make up a story. Once, I called my friend, who was on a bad date. I was out with our other friend, having a drink. So, I just called my help-needed friend, saying that we are already starting our party and she’d better join us soon. On the other side of the phone, there was a proper acting going on. My friend was very compassionate: ‘Oh, no, I am so sorry to hear. Of course, I’ll come to support you as soon as possible’.

Like I wrote at the beginning of the post, it happened long time ago. Now, such things are not needed. It took time to develop the ability to set personal boundaries and to speak your opinion politely but firmly.

Did any of you do the same in younger age?

One thought on “Emergency Calls on a Date

  1. Lone working calls can be a bit similar if a colleague is going into an unknown situation maybe with potential risk, staff have special alerts on phones.
    Never needed to do this on past dates though.


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