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Do You Flirt?

This goes back to the discussion with my friend in May. I was complaining to her that I totally forgot how to flirt as if I never even was able to before. No, I don't like flirty type of people, for whom flirt is a lifestyle. Totally no go. However, I do think that a… Continue reading Do You Flirt?

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Love from the First Sight

How do we form attraction? Is it something that we develop or is it something instant? It's totally individual. I have recently had a conversation about this with my friend. We had totally polar opinions on the matter. He was up to the first option, meaning that feelings come slowly, while you are learning your… Continue reading Love from the First Sight

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Signature Outfit

People tend to have many outfits, depending on the occasion. Yet, almost everyone has something, which is strongly associated with them. Something, which makes them to stand out, something, which makes them recognisable. For me, this is leather pants and red lipstick. I don't think anything suits me better than those two. Somehow, leather and… Continue reading Signature Outfit