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The Portuguese Are Lazy

The Portuguese are lazy, they don’t work, they just chill, drink wine, and play football . That’s a typical opinion on Portugal in the North. Well, for some reason, the stereotypes in other countries are not much better. More than that, I had myself the similar picture of Portugal before I actually arrived here 3 years ago. I could make a separate post on my silly presumptions, if you are interested. ☺

After being here in Portugal for 2 months involved in university activities and talking to local people, I should say that Portuguese people are a very hard-working nation. The working days are long and exhausting, responsibilities are high, the pace is fast.

Despite long working hours, Portuguese people find time for family, friends, hobbies, etc. How? I don’t know, but they are like supermen who manage to handle so many things at the same time.

I am also impressed by the high quality of work done my Portuguese people. They are very deliberate, which again breaks another stereotype of Portugal being a low quality country.

For a strange reason, Portugal is underestimated. What is more, this lovely country undeservedly got the negative label… 😞 But, guys, you are the best! 😘❀


23 thoughts on “The Portuguese Are Lazy

  1. Stereotypes everywhere (saves thinking).

    The Portuguese were among the premier navigators and explorers, their contribution should not be underestimated.
    Work hard, play hard?
    As the great Sage of the Horses said: take time, along the way, to stop and eat the flowers …

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    1. They are indeed proud of their origin and ready you work as much as it takes. I also like their attitude to life, they are serious people, but take things easy and with humour

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  2. Spending many hours in work doesn’t mean they are hard working, it’s vice versa. It’s not effective. I was in Portual 10 days, I was traveling a lot there and walking around many kilometers every day and from what I saw, they are really lazy. They throwing trash to nature, trash is everywhere, wires on buildings are like in india (they are lazy at least organize that somehow) and everything is really provisory home made repaired, nothing is done properly. And their national sport is not football but waiting in lines. πŸ˜€ When I arrived to Lisbon, I was really disgusted, even my father was and we were really thinking about buying new plane tickets and go home sooner. Fortunately most of Portugal is much prettier than Lisbon so we were traveling every morning immediately from that destroyed ghetto called Lisbon and it was much better. πŸ™‚
    Don’t take me wrong, I don’t want to effend them and I am little exaggerate that on purpose, but that contrast between central europe (I am from Czech Republic) and Portugal is really massive.


  3. It is true that a lot of services (businesses) in Portugal have that CAN’T DO attitude. They will not their work properly, their deliveries properly, their order handling properly. Talking about shipping your goods to the wrong city? This is Portugal!

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  4. they are lazy , most of southern nations like spain portugal italy greece are more lazy , even bbc article shows that after research ,,lots%20of%20time%20sitting%20down.
    its old though , but seeing people at work from portugal in another country and even living with them I can say they are lazy , well if they messed up kitchen they took weeks to clean , while being unemployed and paid money to stay at home they didn’t go out of their way to find work or do something with their lives .Instead they sleep all day , only go out to buy food and behave loud .Maybe there are better people there , but we can only say if see them in day to day lives there is always a grain of truth in every stereotype and we we look at stats and economy it will show even more.


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