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Upcoming Travel Posts

My dear friends, Recently, I have been summarising my travel experiences, and I have a lot of new topics piled up. Here is the plan/draft: - Final post on gorgeous Malta -Trip to Venice - The discovery of new love - Slovenia - Trip to the sourthern neighbours - Denmark -Autumn trip to the South-West… Continue reading Upcoming Travel Posts

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2 Language Learning Myths

Here is the start! Two contradictory misconceptions on language learning.

Learning Languages with Elena

Today I will discuss the 2 misconceptions on language learning that I hear frequently.

1. “Languages are not for me”. I met many people repeating this phrase over and over again. Wrong! Languages are for you, for me , and for anyone else. The “not for me” misconception is usually based on:

  • Self-belief, which affects all our activities. “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” -Henry Ford.
  • Lack of desire to commit or simply lack of motivation.
  • Unappropriated learning strategies. We have our unique way to learn, what works for one person, may not be suitable for another.

2. “There are magic tools, which will make me speak the language within a week”. There are definitely tools and practices, which assist our learning immensely. However, the main aspect is still COMMITMENT. You do need to make an effort to acquire vocabulary and understand the…

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New Blog

Hello! I have briefly introduced my career path in one of the posts. Now I am starting the second blog, which name is 'Learning Languages with Elena'. The blog is about foreign language learning, where I cope with stereotypes about the learning process and introduce practices, which can be useful for a language learner. I… Continue reading New Blog

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Russian Selfie (Picture Attached)

Hello my friends! In continuation of the 'Russian' topic, I decided to post the authentic picture of me. By 'authentic', I mean the picture, which reflects my national background at its best. For that, I included 2 necessary items: the fur hat and the legendary capet on the wall. You definitely saw a similar type… Continue reading Russian Selfie (Picture Attached)

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Mother Russia (Summary)

My place of origin is complex, controversial, and never boring. Mother Russia gave the world life-changing scientists, marvellous musicians, great writers despite the fact that there were dark times when thinking differently was punished. It is the country of crazy YouTube videos and of genius people. The country of rich history and poor opportunities. It… Continue reading Mother Russia (Summary)

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Who Am I? Identification Through Places. Portugal. Part 2

In 2017, I came to Portugal for a longer time. I was not a tourist anymore, I was building a life - my studies, gym, friends, groceries - in a new place. Yes, new because I've never lived in Portugal. Staying in the country longer than 2 week was an interesting and controversial experience. Though… Continue reading Who Am I? Identification Through Places. Portugal. Part 2

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Who am I? Identification through Places. Portugal. Part 1

In 2014, I went to the conference in Portugal. It was my first time in that country. To be absolutely honest, I didn't want to go at all. Why? 1. It was not the best period of my life as such. 2. The stereotypes I had were not that flavouring for Portugal... For me it… Continue reading Who am I? Identification through Places. Portugal. Part 1

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What You Learn by Travelling?

We are a part of the culture, in which we were born and raised. We speak the language of that country. We think through the particular cultural pattern, which is the 'only' and 'correct' one. We never realise it till we go away from our motherland. When I moved to Finland from Russia, I was… Continue reading What You Learn by Travelling?