The Castle of Silves

I absolutely love history, and castles are a special part of this passion. No wonder I am so attracted to my dear Portugal, which is so rich in that. Like I already mentioned, Silves is a small town, but you can easily spend here several days, exploring the sightseeings. One of those attractions is the... Continue Reading →


Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal

Here are the premises of the second oldest university in Europe! This is the heart of educational history! I was very excited to walk in that area, imaging that centuries ago, there were students wandering the same streets to get one of the best education in Europe. Being in academia for many years, I felt... Continue Reading →

Coimbra People

Everyone here in Portugal was telling me that people from the North of Portugal are the nicest. As an outsider, I would like to share my own opinion on it. Yes, people in the north are nice, but I felt more comfortable with Coimbra community. Before I got some Brazilian company to do sightseeing, I... Continue Reading →

Castelo dos Mouros, Sintra

I made post with a big delay... Here are the pictures from my May trip to Sintra, a city by Lisbon (I already wrote a post about my trip there last year). During the trip this year, I visited the other places: Pal√°cio de Pena (next post) and Castelo dos Mouros.  I always had some... Continue Reading →

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