Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal

Here are the premises of the second oldest university in Europe! This is the heart of educational history! I was very excited to walk in that area, imaging that centuries ago, there were students wandering the same streets to get one of the best education in Europe. Being in academia for many years, I felt... Continue Reading →


Coimbra People

Everyone here in Portugal was telling me that people from the North of Portugal are the nicest. As an outsider, I would like to share my own opinion on it. Yes, people in the north are nice, but I felt more comfortable with Coimbra community. Before I got some Brazilian company to do sightseeing, I... Continue Reading →

Praia do Porto

During my stay in Porto, I decided to go to the beach where I was spending time in 2015. It felt like a checkpoint for 2 years of my life, what changed, what are the achievements and losses, what are the goals and dreams. It was very refreshing and inspiring to be back, in a... Continue Reading →

Portuguese Complaints 

In my posts from the past, I was praising Portuguese people. This time I will talk about not so pleasant things, or better to say, about one trait, which is so typical for Português people - they are absolutely spoiled when it comes to food! Of course, I understand when you live in the country... Continue Reading →

Getting Local

A quick post about how I feel here in Portugal, in Lisbon. I am getting more and more in love with this country, this city, and the flat where I am staying. At the beginning of the month, I was away from the flat because I delayed to extend my stay and it was rented... Continue Reading →

IKEA in Portugal 

What is the first association which comes to your mind, when you hear 'Sweden'?  For me, IKEA will be among the first thoughts, the shop which sells cheap minimalistic furniture all over the world. No, not because I got used to shop there a lot. The reason is the first text I read in the... Continue Reading →


Sunday is the last day to relax before an intense Monday will take over. We sleep long, watch movies, go for a walk, doing everything on a slow pace. Sunday is the day when I take long walks, for 2-3 hours. I just walk, walk, and walk, no particular direction. My ears are locked with... Continue Reading →

The Portuguese Are Lazy

The Portuguese are lazy, they don't work, they just chill, drink wine, and play football . That's a typical opinion on Portugal in the North. Well, for some reason, the stereotypes in other countries are not much better. More than that, I had myself the similar picture of Portugal before I actually arrived here 3... Continue Reading →

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