The Portuguese and Their Dogs

In one of the posts below, I wrote about how the Portuguese treat their dogs. It turned out to be a bigger thing than I thought. It is on a completely different level, and sometimes I feel that the quality of life of a Portuguese dog is better than mine, and their menu is more... Continue Reading →


The Portuguese can’t handle bad weather

Portuguese people can't handle bad weather. First of all, let's identify what is bad weather in general. Coming from Russia and living in Finland, I see bad weather as a terrible storm, intense rain, or even snowfall. And yes, it also depends on the season. What is bad weather for you? 😉 Understandably, the perception... Continue Reading →

The Portuguese. First Impression.

It can hardly be the first impression as I lived in Portugal and I was surrounded my locals only. Yet, after a long break from this country, there are so many things which surprise me again. First of all, Portuguese people are very good looking! Very! They take care of themselves and they are fit.... Continue Reading →

On the way to Portugal

Yesterday I was still in the office in Finland. It was my last day work day before the short trip, I was anxious, I was not sure if it is actually right to go back to Portugal. I felt like there are so many places I have never been to, but I go back to... Continue Reading →

Praias (Beaches)

Needless to say, besides the university, I spent a lot of time on awesome Portuguese beaches. As I stayed most of the time in Lisboa, the praias were Carcavelos and Estoril. So many nice memories ❤ September was magic. Most tourist were gone, the water got warm, and the sun was not burning so badly.... Continue Reading →

Final Post on Alfama

Needless to say, that after my trip I have a huge number of pictures from different area of Portugal on a different occasion. I want to finalise the photo report of Alfama, the oldest area in Lisbon. This is probably the most artistic part of it. Please, enjoy:


It feels like it was in another life, it feels like it was a dream and like it never happened. I walked those streets, I lived in that city, I enjoyed the view, sun, food. I experienced communication with warm deep people. It all now looks so far away. It feels like I left my... Continue Reading →

Alfama, 1

This is the part of the city I visited many times. It's basically only area which survived in 1755. Thus, it is one of the oldest areas in the city, and maybe that's why it is especially attractive. I have been there many times, yet, every new turn taken leads you to a new undiscovered... Continue Reading →

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