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Mother Russia (Summary)

My place of origin is complex, controversial, and never boring. Mother Russia gave the world life-changing scientists, marvellous musicians, great writers despite the fact that there were dark times when thinking differently was punished. It is the country of crazy YouTube videos and of genius people. The country of rich history and poor opportunities. It is the place visiting which haters start loving.

Pictures 1-3. Tver. The city between Moscow and Saint Petersburg. At some point, it could be the capital!

Pictures 4-6. Moscow.

Pictures 7-8 are taken in my home town – Sochi (southern part of the country). By the way, the most northern point where tea grows. Yes, no joke!

Here is the famous Lada ‘Kopeika’, the picture is taken in the car museum.

The Caucasus Mountains ❀

Pictures from my Instagram

37 thoughts on “Mother Russia (Summary)

      1. I watched a travel documentary about Utah landscapes! 😍 The view is breath-taking! I definitely put it on my bucket list! 😊


  1. Have always wanted to visit Russia! Seems like such a mysterious place that not alot of people in the Western world know alot about. These pictures look amazing!
    Thank you! From the UK πŸ™‚

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