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The Best Place in Portugal

And this is where my count down ends. The place which absolutely stole my heart is Ilha Deserta, an island near Faro. The island feels isolated if you go away from the main beach. You can find the post where you can stay in private with your thoughts and simply enjoy the gentle touch of… Continue reading The Best Place in Portugal

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My Top 3 Places in Portugal. Aveiro.

Here is my number 3 - Aveiro (or Portuguese Venice), a town in 30 minutes drive from Porto. Aveiro is small, cosy, friendly. It was the first place I visited in Portugal that's why the connection is so strong. Besides that, Aveiro brings me internal peace and gives me the lovely feeling that everything will… Continue reading My Top 3 Places in Portugal. Aveiro.

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My Top 3 Places in Portugal. 3. Faro

With this post, I am starting the line about Portugal. I will review my 3 favourite places in Portugal and make a summary of my life there. Here is my 3rd place - Faro. It is a cosy town by the ocean in southern Portugal. I love that small lovely place, its places of interest,… Continue reading My Top 3 Places in Portugal. 3. Faro

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My Modest Achievement (Video) 🎵🎹

Like I have already mentioned, since late autumn I started acquiring the piano. Before even being able to play a simple set of sounds together, I made a long list of masterpieces I want to play some day. One of my favourite melodies is melody by Yiruma "River flows in you". This is a simplified… Continue reading My Modest Achievement (Video) 🎵🎹

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Who Am I? Identification through Career

Hello! In this post, I will tell you a bit more about my career path and education I accomplished to have it. Like I already wrote, my first qualification is a teacher of English and German, and I worked one year accordingly (in Russia). After that, I moved to Finland for Master degree in Education,… Continue reading Who Am I? Identification through Career