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I don’t want to travel

Since I started as a travel blogger, it’s wise to speculate on trips as such from time to time. Not long ago, I made a post about lockdown. Continuing the topic, lockdown made traveling impossible for a while. Even to go to a near by city was a challenge. It felt like going to US or Australia. So exotic it was.

I had big difficulties accepting the impossibility of traveling. I thought it will be only for 2 weeks, and no more than that. Then, I felt like in prison, I felt claustrophobic. After that stage, anger came. Finally, I stopped caring. I don’t want to go anywhere. At all. The idea of buying plane tickets, choosing hotel, planning the route makes me stressed. I would need to pack my clothes, and I don’t know any more what would suit the weather and local style. I would need to take self-care stuff, and how am I supposed to fit all those bottles in a small plastic bag?

No, thanks. Too much anxiety. This got used to be a regular activity. I traveled up to 10 times per year. Now, I have struggles leaving my apartment.

Interestingly, I am an active traveler in my dreams. I have been to Japan, Slovakia, Mexico, Denmark. Very often, I end up in a small Portuguese cafe to take an espresso. I wake up with the feeling that it was quite real. What an interesting subconscious trick to compensate the lack of commuting.

14 thoughts on “I don’t want to travel

  1. Everything is temporary in life. The pandemic will pass and the taste for travel will return. However, let us travel in dreams and also through the country where we live, without planes or airports. Each place, town, city where we live is surrounded by wonderful ones that we never tried to know… because they are close to home!
    I wish you a good Sunday!

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  2. How interesting that you dream travel to compensate for real travelling. I’m sure you’ll get back the taste for it again. I feel the same though and have stuck close to home. Haven’t even renewed my passport.

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