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Love Letter

I am keeping up the series of flashbacks. This time, I have a story for you from my childhood. I was in the first grade. Everything was absolutely new to me, new environment, new activity, and new people. There were so many things to learn. Among them, there was an issue of handling the attraction of guys. The whole concept of attraction was missing from my perception of life. I knew nothing about it, and I was way worse in reacting to it.

One day at school, I was taking books from my school bag, which was always open during the break. In the bag, I saw a piece of paper. My mother took deliberate care of me being neat, the same concerned my belongings. I was more than surprised to see a piece of paper in my bag. Yet, I took it out and unfolded. I roughly remember the exact wording, but the idea was the following: “Lena, you are a nice and beautiful girl, and I want to be friends with you”. The message was signed by First name/Last name, so I knew for sure who it was. The biggest problem was to process this completely new for me situation. My mind was blank. I didn’t know that you can feel towards someone the way the guy felt towards me. I consulted my female friend what to do. She did not find any better solution than to put this paper in the guy’s bag. So did I… The circle repeated several times and eventually died out…

One thought on “Love Letter

  1. Well … it worked. And he learned what was possibly a painful lesson, made easier on him by your delicate handling of it.


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