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Day 9. Animals.

In one of the previous posts, I shared the pictures of flowers that I took in different countries. This time, I want to share the pics of animals and birds from different places: (header image - Finnish reindeer). Italian pigeons Portuguese cat Danish duck Czech hamster Spanish dog

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Days 6-8. Food.

Yes, I was away from social media for 2 days. I had a break because I really wanted to stay away from my computer and phone as much as it was possible. Now, I am a little bit refreshed and I am prepared for a new post. The topic of the today's post is food.… Continue reading Days 6-8. Food.

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Blogging Challenge. Day 1. Intro.

My blogging was on and off for the last 3 years. There were moments of being extremely active, and there were moments when I was silent. As my mobility is rather limited at this point (old injury kicked back), I am literally suffering from boredom. Being an active person, training a lot, walking 2 hours… Continue reading Blogging Challenge. Day 1. Intro.

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Sunsets, Freshness, Autumn

My favourite time of the year is August, September, and October. I love the soft transition from one season to the other one. I love clouds and their particular shapes, which appear in August and which are missing in the other months. I love watching sunsets, which are especially beautiful during this time. The days… Continue reading Sunsets, Freshness, Autumn

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Hello August!

I just remember the beginning of summer, the feeling of having much time, the perception that everything is still ahead. Yesterday, I work up and calender indicated August, the last summer month. Things were slow and intensive at the same time, unpredictable, and surprising. Things didn't necessarily go as planned, yet, there were new interesting… Continue reading Hello August!