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‘If It’s a Destiny, We’ll Meet Again’

This story happened at least 14 years ago, if I remember correctly. I was young, and I was still learning how to communicate with men. At some point, I was very tough and even rude if I did not like the guy who approached me. My friends gave me some feedback on that, justifying it with the fact that the guy was nice and polite. As follows, I should have rejected him in a nice and polite manner. The level of ‘softness’ was definitely something to work on. I needed to be clear about not being interested, yet, I didn’t want to ruin the desire of a young man to approach women in future.

Once, I had a small talk with a guy in the shop. It was a nice moment, but it was time to say goodbye. The guy asked my phone number, but I was not interested. He was quite pushy. I didn’t know how to put it, and I didn’t find anything smarter than to tell him ‘If it’s a destiny, we will meet again’. He replied that it was not really possible as the city population was around 500 000 people. It’s gonna be difficult. Instead of quitting the whole conversation, I said ‘Trust the fortune’.

The very next day, I was in the completely different corner of the city. And guess what! That very guy was walking towards me. We were on the same side of the pavement of a big road. My first thought ‘Damn’. The guy was literally shining. He obviously started believing in fortune/destiny in that moment. It was more than awkward situation for me, but I had to say directly that I was not interested.

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