Walking in Alfama

Like I already mentioned, Alfama is the oldest part of Lisbon, which survived in the earthquake, flood, and fire. Yes, poor Lisbon experienced it all within a short time. So, every time I wanted to feel a historic atmosphere, I went to Alfama. Every time the rout was different, and I often got lost there,... Continue Reading →


MAAT, Lisboa

Here are the pictures of the Museum of Art, Architecture, and Technology, which was open in October, 2016.

Pink Street

One of the most famous areas to go out is Pink Street in Cais de Sodre. The street ground is literally pink! Yes, it's painted pink. There are different pubs, clubs, and bars there, although the street is really small. During my stay in Lisbon, I was there maybe 3-4 times only. It's a good... Continue Reading →

Place in Alfama

My main reason of being in Portugal was working on my dissertation. It is a slow process which requires a lot of reading, consulting experts in the field, and of course deliberate patience and accuracy. Different people have their own style of working. I liked to write in different cafes. Yes, it's usually crowded there... Continue Reading →

By the Tejo

One of my favourite places in Lisboa was the river bank, river Tejo in Portuguese or Tagus in English. Here is my typical route ☺

A Beach Near Cascais

Just after a trip to Algarve, I went to the beach with my colleague. This beach was close to Cascais and it is famous for strong winds. I wanted to discover a new place and like always I was very optimistic when it concerns the wind. As a result, we ended up in the sand... Continue Reading →


One of the most beautiful corners of Portugal! It resembles a lost paradise, the sea is blue, the sand is soft and warm, the air is fresh. I was there only once, but this magic place will stay in my memory forever. ❤ If you have a chance to go there, don't even hesitate! It... Continue Reading →

Sunset in Parque das Nações

Here are the sunset pictures from Parque das Nações. Like I mentioned before, for 9 days I was staying in Expo area due to rental issues. Ironically, the most beautiful and modern place of Lisbon turned out to be a nightmare for me, and it was the lowest moment of my stay in Portugal. Going... Continue Reading →

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