Pictures of Lisbon

I don't think I know any other city, which is so full of colours and life. Every street, every corner radiates with happiness, and even the sky is specially blue here.


Colors of Lisboa

And the next day, the city showed me his colours! 😍❤🌈

Lisbon Black-n-White

Lisbon is a beautiful sunny city, but on the day I arrived, the sun was hiding behind massive clouds. The city changed its character, it became tough and serious, but not less attractive. 

First Day in Portugal

As I promised in my previous post, I will tell you briefly about the cultural shock I experienced on my arrival. No matter where I go, I need around 3 days to cool down and get used to small talk and short distance between people during communication.  As I am in Finland almost 8 years,... Continue Reading →

Back to Portugal! â¤

I am finally back to my favourite country! It took me so long to get here again, a lot or paper work, stress, and planning, but it is worth every second spent! This time I didn't come as a tourist, I organized the PhD exchange for 2 months. As my home university does not have... Continue Reading →

DR Byen

I passed this place when I took the metro to the city center. The metro station is called DR Byen after Danish broadcasting corporation located there. I was always amazed by the architecture in the area, and one day I just got off to walk around.  And these guys were hanging out there. 😍 Fat... Continue Reading →

Nyhavn Again

I have already been in Nyhavn several times, but I still could not resist visiting that place again. Always so colorful and joyful!  â¤

Nørreport, Copenhagen 

I was heading to Nyhavn, but I got off on a wrong stop - Nørreport. I decided to check the surroundings and make a couple of pictures there. I remember that area from 2015, when my friend and I walked around the city. It brought me some nice memories of the happiest year in my... Continue Reading →

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