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IKEA in Portugal 

What is the first association which comes to your mind, when you hear ‘Sweden’?

For me, IKEA will be among the first thoughts, the shop which sells cheap minimalistic furniture all over the world. No, not because I got used to shop there a lot. The reason is the first text I read in the Swedish language was about IKEA. Do you happen to know where the name comes from? Ingvar Kamprad is the founder of the company, he was raised on a farm (Elmtaryd) in Agunnaryd, and now combine the first letters! Simple and genius like the entire IKEA concept, isn’t it? By the way, the products’ names do mean something in Swedish. 😁

I was in IKEA in Russia, Finland, and Sweden. No need to say that the shop in Russia was so different from the shops in the other countries mentioned above, it was adjusted to the cultural peculiarities of the country. Of course, I got curious what Portuguese IKEA looks like!

Yes, the range of product is actually the same as in any other countries. Nevertheless, there are some small differences. For instance, there are a lot of bright colours which you won’t really see in the North.

The other new things in IKEA for me were… frozen salmon and.. my favourite ‘Gifflar’, with which I got used to ‘fika’ (to have a coffee break) when I was in Finland. 😍

Despite small differences, the trip to IKEA was like being back to the North, very nostalgic. And I tended to speak Swedish to people around me.

So, next time, when I feel ‘homesick’, I go to IKEA. 😊

Picture from my Instagram

8 thoughts on “IKEA in Portugal 

    1. If not too many people, it’s OK. I was in Moscow IKEA and that was tough 😯 but in other countries, at least in Europe, it is manageable
      The biggest problem is that I buy much more than I need 😯😢

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      1. Yes I believe so. I don’t go much due to the nearest one being a bit tricky to get to on public transport from where I live, but I know lots of people who go. It’s very family-friendly.


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