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Survival or Betrayal?

In order to survive, you need to adjust to the situations, which happen in our lives. Either it’s on a personal or global level, we need to adapt to circumstances and follow accordingly. This is the common sense. Being in a survival mode, we take action to ‘please’ the circumstances and particular people. But for long can you go like that? Serving the needs of circumstances and ignoring your own. Isn’t it a betrayal of yourself? Where is this thin line, which you need to draw? Or should you be firm and stand your ground no matter what?

Many questions. I feel like I ignore my own interests, my happiness, and mostly important my health, serving the needs of environment/circumstances.


2 thoughts on “Survival or Betrayal?

  1. It’s always a matter of priorities. It’s a lucky person that can balance work/mission and personal priorities 100% of the time. Most of us end up making compromises with one or the other over the course of our lives. My goal is to maximize both as much as I can, but that doesn’t mean they are both maximized all the time.

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