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Hello Autumn! ❤️

The summer is over. I have quite mixed feelings about it. I definitely had some bright moments. I had many plans, and most of them worked out. I had some challenging situations as well, and I said ‘good bye’ to a couple of people. My summer seems pretty active, isn’t it? Yet, I have the feeling that I missed out something. To be honest, I have the feeling I missed a lot. I could be out more, since the lowered at the point restrictions allowed it. I could meet more people and get new contacts. I could enjoy the sun and swim. I could be in the forest and pick up berries. And many many more summer activities, which life can only offer. Somehow, I had a deceiving feeling that there are still 3 months ahead and I have plenty of time…

No time for regrets! It’s autumn here, my favourite season! ❤️ Although I absolutely prefer a summer weather of +30°C, autumn has particular calmness and cosiness. Soon, the trees will change their colors. We will enjoy early sunsets. There’s something special about the autumn air, it is so fresh.

I truly love autumn. I don’t even fully understand why, but there’s no answer needed.

How was your summer? What plans do you have for autumn?

I wish you a lovely cosy autumn, which will make your dreams come true. ❤️

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