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Thank You for 2000 Followers! ❤

Hello everyone!

This post is for those who follow me and who stops by by accident. I want to thank you all for your likes, views, and, of course, follows.

I started this blog in summer 2015, basically 4 years ago, and I could not even imagine it will reach 2000 regular readers. In 2015, I was hitting Instagram, and some of my friends forced me into blogging, saying that I have nice pictures and I have interesting perspectives on life. I was skeptical and scared because it is a public thing, every one can read and… judge… No, I was not afraid for my writing skills, but rather for my perspectives. It turned out to be good! Bit by bit I gathered my audience and I became brave in sharing my opinions.

Thank you to those who were with me from the beginning and thank you to those who joined me on the way. ❤ It won’t be possible to keep it up without your comments, questions, and corrections.

What’s next?

I will continue writing about my trips, about cultural issues, and what’s on in my life. In a longer run, I want to make it the main career path of mine. The best work is a paid hobby, right!? 😉

Have a lovely summer day! (Or ‘winter’ day if you are ‘upside down’) 😊

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