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Sunset in Venice

During the day I was wandering through the streets of Venice, broad and narrow, crowded and very crowded. I visited a couple of local attractions, had my pizza, and it was time to go back to the hotel. When I left the restaurant, I saw a completely different side of Venice. It was not any more a well-branded set of sightseeing places, it was indeed the most romantic city. As soon as the sun started going down, Venice changed its spirit completely. The buildings were covered with golden shades, the the water became shiny, and the sky was eternally blue. Venice turned to the place, where love prevails and where couples unite forever. A truly magic view.

12 thoughts on “Sunset in Venice

  1. Are you planning on ever writing a book some day, Miss Elena? Oodles of photos please, and your commentary … please, never lose that captivating delightful innocence! (Too many jaded cynics in this world, and too many wannabe ‘experts’ — you are just right!)

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