Stockholm, day 2

The next day we continued the city tour by taking Hop on Hop off bus. It was fun to check out all the most important places. I especially recommend the old town, you can feel the atmosphere of old times.


2 days of Stockholm (Day 1)

I came to Stockholm to visit my dear friend whom I didn't see for 3 year!!! šŸ˜¢ (kiss to you šŸ˜˜ she's reading this šŸ˜). It is easy to go to Stockholm from Turku (Finland), where I live, by boat. It takes around 10 hours to get over the sea. On board, you can do... Continue Reading →

IKEA in PortugalĀ 

What is the first association which comes to your mind, when you hear 'Sweden'?  For me, IKEA will be among the first thoughts, the shop which sells cheap minimalistic furniture all over the world. No, not because I got used to shop there a lot. The reason is the first text I read in the... Continue Reading →

Lovely Dalby

On my last day in Sweden, I went to a small place -Dalby - to see the oldest in Scandinavia stone church (which I will post next time). This cosy town became a nice discovery, just look! ā¤

Lund Church

I never could pass an ancient historical building, especially if it is a church. For me, it is a message from the past, an opportunity to look back in times. The cathedral was established when Lund was a part of Sweden. Lund became a religious center of Denmark in those times, accompanied with a number... Continue Reading →

More of Lund

The next day was rainy, and the wind was strong. The city looked different, from a cosy sunny place it turned to a mystic town.

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