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Men in Pink

There are 2 categories of straight men – one, who wears pink, and the other one who will never do it. Equally, there are 2 categories of women – those who like it and those who don’t.

I have a female friend, who totally adores men in pink. In her opinion, a man who wears pink has a brave and strong personality. He is the one with a high degree of masculinity, the one who can embrace possible side looks from strangers without any self-doubt.

I personally belong to another category of women. Yes, people/men can wear whatever makes them comfortable. It’s their right, and they should do what makes them happy. In its turn, I have my preferences. Pink clothes are just not my thing, since I’m more into colder and more distant type of men, who usually don’t wear pink. Sounds like a stereotype? Maybe, but I can’t change my attachment style. 🙂

To which category you belong?


6 thoughts on “Men in Pink

  1. An interesting subject, to be sure!
    Here in Portugal men wear pink without a second thought. It is just another color.
    In the US, not so much! It is considered a gay color there.
    As for me, I am not a fan. Give me the dark colors. I am only wearing black until they make something darker, lol.

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  2. I don’t care if men wear pink (or any other color) clothes, but since I don’t like that color in general even for my clothes, I wouldn’t like it on my man. But I appreciate it when he wears other bright and traditionally associated with female-wear colors – purple/lilac, yellow, orange, etc. I like it because, in my mind, it’s “anti-macho,” which especially appeals to me.

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