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Can’t stand the cold

The first snow has arrived, and I’m terrified. I absolutely cannot stand the cold. I am not new to it, but every year it’s more and more difficult for me to cope with negative temperatures. I already have the warmest coat on me, and it’s not even the coldest month yet. I immediately got a flu, my body is in rejection. I truly feel bad. Unfortunately, my work implies being out twice a day, and I have no clue how I gonna manage. My body craves the warm climate!

Will I make it to the next winter? Likely. Do I want to experience coldness again? Hell no!

Do you manage cold temperatures well?


12 thoughts on “Can’t stand the cold

  1. Hi Elena
    (That’s my daughter’s name)
    Not those temperatures you’re talking about
    We live in Perth Australia so don’t experience cold like that. I love the heat. I would wear thermals all the time in the cold

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  2. Here, we better get used to winter cold, as it arrived this year on November 2 with 6 days of snow. Not fun at first, but we have now acclimatized. Do we like it? Not for the 4-5 months it is here, but we get used to it. We can’t stand the heat, so I guess temperature is something you get used to. Like they say…There is no bad weather, only bad clothing choices. Cheers.

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  3. I am so sorry, Elena. Winters can be tough. I had never lived in a place where we experienced real winters until moving where we live now. I truly loved it the first few years. Now, I think we are ready for a bit more warmth year round. 😊

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