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Rengastie, Part 2

One of the most fascinating things for me was to take a ferry, actually several of them, which connected one island with the other. They were very frequent, and basically there was no need to wait for them long time. It definitely shows care to the people who live there because they can easily travel… Continue reading Rengastie, Part 2

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Leo Tolstoy: a Writer or… a Train

I had exactly 14 hours to prepare for my next trip since I returned from Czech Republic. This time the destination was the central part of Russia, to where it's easy to get from Helsinki by train. Why train? I think it is simply convinient and fast, 12 hours only, and it is something I… Continue reading Leo Tolstoy: a Writer or… a Train

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Summer, Summer

For years, I was waiting for better times, for moments when the life will finally start. Then, I realized that life is not yesterday or tomorrow, life is right here and right now. This is the moment to be happy, enjoy, to discover. This is why I spent 2 months of my summer for traveling,… Continue reading Summer, Summer