Palácio de Pena

And here is Palácio de Pena  (1854), the one I mentioned in my previous post.


Castelo dos Mouros, Sintra

I made post with a big delay... Here are the pictures from my May trip to Sintra, a city by Lisbon (I already wrote a post about my trip there last year). During the trip this year, I visited the other places: Palácio de Pena (next post) and Castelo dos Mouros.  I always had some... Continue Reading →

Quinta da Regaleira

That's the place that I dreamed to see! The architecture in Quinta da Regaleira dates back to the end of the 19th century - beginning of the 20th. Yes, not that old,  but it has incredible mystic atmosphere. Here is the first set of pictures:

Lovely Sintra

I was back to Lisbon and I decided to go to Sinta. I heard a lot good words about that beautiful city and I saw a lot of great pictures taken there. There was one particular place I wanted to visit, but I will talk about it in the next post. This time I share... Continue Reading →

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