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Conclusions on Malta

This is the last post of Malta, and I want to summarise all my experiences and impressions. First of all, I am always very careful with my expectations regarding new places. However, it was not the case with Malta. I was already overexcited with the place just from seeing pictures. I felt that the country… Continue reading Conclusions on Malta

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Mdina, Malta

Mdina is the former capital city of Malta. Nowadays, it is called the 'Silent City' because it is there hardly any cars and traffic. Indeed, the atmosphere of this historical place is indescribable. There is a sacred silence in the air. You are allowed to talk, but you just don't want. There are tiny shady… Continue reading Mdina, Malta

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Malta, Fortress -War Museum

Girls are not supposed to like historical military objects and war museums, but I do find something fascinating about them, something very masculine and powerful. I always adored history, and war history of the places I visited was one of my favourite things to discover. Due to its unique location, the island of Malta was… Continue reading Malta, Fortress -War Museum

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Cultural Shock on Malta. First Impressions

Already last year, I planned to visit Malta, I saw the pictures of yellowish towns, blue sea, and sunny scapes. For some reason, I was sure this is the place I will like a lot. However, the terrible injury cancelled my plan... I was sad, I was frustrated at that point; however, my dreams always… Continue reading Cultural Shock on Malta. First Impressions