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The Portuguese Language 

I decided to make a separate post on the Portuguese language. Being a linguist, I am very curious about any language I was exposed to in one way or another. Language is not only the way to communicate, language refrects the culture and how people think. Elaborating on the language is my favourite approach to… Continue reading The Portuguese Language 

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Portuguese Food

Returning to the main topic - Portugal, and today I will write about amazing Portuguese food. Portuguese cuisine is among my favourite, it is full of taste, it is greasy, colorful, and simply delicious. ❤ The essential success of the cuisine is quality products. Vegetables and fruits grown in Portugal taste great because of climate… Continue reading Portuguese Food

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Understanding of Time and Space in Portugal 

It is amazing that some issues are universal, no matter at which point of the globe you are. Such things are love, family, and friendship. At the same time, there are things which differ significantly even within our small Europe. As you probably guessed from the title, today I will write about how people see… Continue reading Understanding of Time and Space in Portugal 

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Carmo Convent

Today's post is about my favourite sightseeing in Lisbon - Carmo Convent, the full name is Convent of Our Lady of Mount Carmen, in Portuguese Convento da Ortem do Carmo. Last year I completely missed out this fascinating place. The Convent was built in the Gothic style in 1389. In 1755, it suffered immensely from… Continue reading Carmo Convent

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Metro de Lisboa 

Straight from the airport I went to the hotel. As it was not my first time, I new well the premises. Lisboa is a tourist friendly place with an easy transport system. The one I got use to is metro, it is convenient, quite fast, and in Finnish standards very cheap. During my summer trips,… Continue reading Metro de Lisboa 

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Summer, Summer

For years, I was waiting for better times, for moments when the life will finally start. Then, I realized that life is not yesterday or tomorrow, life is right here and right now. This is the moment to be happy, enjoy, to discover. This is why I spent 2 months of my summer for traveling,… Continue reading Summer, Summer

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After a couple of days in cosy Aveiro, it was time to go back to the capital, where I continued exploring history and culture of lovely Portugal. Although I have visited the main attractions such as: Belem Tower (UNESCO World Heritage) Of course, I did not forget to taste famous Pasteis de Belem, which you… Continue reading Lisboa