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Being under a range of stressful events, which seem never to end, I realized that I don't feel well, neither physically nor psychologically. My energy limits to the basics actions needed to survive. All the fun and entertainment is left aside. I just do not have energy to meet my friends even at the weekend.… Continue reading Self-care

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Story about Cheese

I can't say I am a big fan of cheeses like one of my friends who can't spend a single day without a bite. Yet, I enjoy trying different flavours from time to time. These days, we have all possible options in the shop, from cheap and simple to expensive and extravagant. Some have gentle… Continue reading Story about Cheese

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Day 19. Me No Baker

I love cooking, and my speciality is meat dishes. I love experimenting with different tastes, combining new ingredients. I feel more than confident. Even if I am not that happy with the result, food still ends up tasty. And things are just the opposite when it comes to baking. I am simply not capable. I… Continue reading Day 19. Me No Baker

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‘Excellent’ Service on Malta

Some memories popped up, and I want to share them with you. I often write about my trips in a very positive way as if it is a fairy tale, where everyone is kind, sweet, and helpful. Just the world of unicorns, princesses, and cute dragons, isn't it? Let's be objective, reality always has two… Continue reading ‘Excellent’ Service on Malta

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Food Trends in the 90 Russia

Like I have already written in one of the posts, there were not much food choice in the shops. In addition, products were extremely expensive that only few people could afford them. Luckily, the hunger times did not last for too long. Gradually, things started changing for the better in terms of food availability. And… Continue reading Food Trends in the 90 Russia

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My Eating Habits in Portugal

I already made several posts praising Portuguese food, so I will skip that part for now. All together I spent 5 months in Portugal, so I had a chance to eat like a Portuguese. 😁 The big change it was for me! In Finland, food hardly has any taste, and almost everything is fat free.… Continue reading My Eating Habits in Portugal

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Portuguese Complaints 

In my posts from the past, I was praising Portuguese people. This time I will talk about not so pleasant things, or better to say, about one trait, which is so typical for PortuguĂȘs people - they are absolutely spoiled when it comes to food! Of course, I understand when you live in the country… Continue reading Portuguese Complaints