A Break

Oh my god!! It was more than a month since my last entry. I don't think I ever had such a long break, ever... The reason for that is my new work, but trust me, it is positive change, and I will tell you more once it is in the right time line. I missed... Continue Reading →


More of a beach

Some more pictures of the beach Merry Christmas everyone! 😍😘🎄

Farol, Portugal

The next day, we continued to explore Algarve and went to the island called - Farol. We wanted to take a ferry and we had to wait a while. It was 40 degrees, and it was kind of hot 😁 but the excitement to swim in a clean beautiful warm sea was strong. Here are... Continue Reading →

By the Faro Beach

These views mean a lot to me. I don't know why. Objectively, there are more beautiful places in Portugal and in the world in general, but this one is just special. Thus is the place where I can breathe out and relax.

Sunrise in Faro

After our short trip to Spain, we headed to Faro, probably, my favourite place in Portugal. It was a long day with many fascinating stops, new knowledge and experience. I was extremely tired, but so happy. I felt very calm, all those problems looked so meaningless and insignificant. I felt complete, I felt harmony with... Continue Reading →

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