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About Danish People 

For a while, I was elaborating if I should make this post. At the end, I think there is nothing wrong to share my opinion and observation not only about culture and history, but also people of the country in visited. Because it is first of all people who represent the culture and keep historical… Continue reading About Danish People 

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Kronborg Castle 

After admiring the area of the castle, it was high time to see what is inside. As I have already mentioned, this castle was prince Hamlet's home. It was amazing to see not only incredible interior of the place but also actors who staged the famous Shakespeare's play. The performance together with the historic place… Continue reading Kronborg Castle 

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Roskilde Cathedral 

I was highly recommended to visit the main cathedral of Denmark, which was built in the 13th century. It is famous for the fact that Danish rulers week buried there starting from the 15th century. The cathedral due to its long history combines different styles: Gothic, Renaissance, and of course Danish minimalism. The Roskilde cathedral… Continue reading Roskilde Cathedral 

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Nyhavn, Copenhagen 

Finally, I post the pictures from the main sightseeing of Copenhagen -Nyhavn, the place to which all tourists are targeting. Walking along the canal feels like being back to older times, feeling the history of the entire country. And simply to enjoy to the beautiful view. Pictures do not fully reflect the great atmosphere of… Continue reading Nyhavn, Copenhagen 

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Summer, Summer

For years, I was waiting for better times, for moments when the life will finally start. Then, I realized that life is not yesterday or tomorrow, life is right here and right now. This is the moment to be happy, enjoy, to discover. This is why I spent 2 months of my summer for traveling,… Continue reading Summer, Summer