Castelo dos Mouros, Sintra

I made post with a big delay... Here are the pictures from my May trip to Sintra, a city by Lisbon (I already wrote a post about my trip there last year). During the trip this year, I visited the other places: Palácio de Pena (next post) and Castelo dos Mouros.  I always had some... Continue Reading →


Rosenborg Castle

That is the last destination of my Copenhagen trip - Rosenborg Castle

Seaside of Kronborg

This is the last post related to the castle, and I decided to shared the pictures taken at the seaside. Needless to say that I was extremely unlucky with the weather. There was a strong stormy wind, clouds were hanging heavily above the head, and cold unpleasant drops of rain covered my face. But all... Continue Reading →

Kronborg Castle 

After admiring the area of the castle, it was high time to see what is inside. As I have already mentioned, this castle was prince Hamlet's home. It was amazing to see not only incredible interior of the place but also actors who staged the famous Shakespeare's play. The performance together with the historic place... Continue Reading →

Kronborg Area

The area of Kronborg is not an exception, and it is organised in Danish pompous minimalism. Everything is in perfect order. Although the local houses are very colorful, they are still very laconic and strict.

Helsingør, Denmark 

It was the last day of the summer school. In the morning, there was a brief meeting, so the rest of the day was free. All free time while abroad I prefer to spend doing sightseeing and learning the local culture. I was heavily recommended to visit Helsingør, a lovely town in eastern Denmark. This... Continue Reading →


After a couple of days in cosy Aveiro, it was time to go back to the capital, where I continued exploring history and culture of lovely Portugal. Although I have visited the main attractions such as: Belem Tower (UNESCO World Heritage) Of course, I did not forget to taste famous Pasteis de Belem, which you can find... Continue Reading →

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