The End of Braga Trip

Braga was nice. It was rainy at the beginning and sunny at the end, cold and windy on arrival and warm and cosy on the departure. It was a great chance to know that part of the country. It was a chance to get to know interesting people and grow as a professional. Obrigada, Braga!... Continue Reading →


Bom Jesus de Monte, Braga

When the rain finally stopped, my colleagues and I went to visit probably the main sightseeing of Braga - Bom Jesus de Monte.  This sanctuary the way it is now was built in 1722 in Baroque style although the first chapels dated back to the 14th century. When you approach the mountain where the sanctuary... Continue Reading →

Braga, Day 1

I went to Braga to attend the conference, and it was my first time in town. The first day was pretty challenging as I had a high fever, it was raining cats and dogs, and... it was terribly cold, around 14 degrees. I was prepared for none of these. The biggest struggle was the temperature... Continue Reading →

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