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Extreme Temperatures. Warm.

I want to write about extreme temperatures I have experienced in my life. Warm. The warmest weather I have witnessed was in Portugal in 2017. That was a terrible heat wave without any break and a chance to rain. There were fires in the country. It was +43C. Swimming in the ocean was a good… Continue reading Extreme Temperatures. Warm.

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Hamster Drama

It happened many years ago. I still lived in Russia back then. I always dreamt of a pet, but my parents were negative about it. So, finally, I got the courage and bought a hamster. Hamsters are a lonely type, who does not need a company. As follows, my fluffy guy was on his own… Continue reading Hamster Drama

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I don’t want to travel

Since I started as a travel blogger, it's wise to speculate on trips as such from time to time. Not long ago, I made a post about lockdown. Continuing the topic, lockdown made traveling impossible for a while. Even to go to a near by city was a challenge. It felt like going to US… Continue reading I don’t want to travel