Other Things in Lagos

The things I payed attention to were not only architecture and climate. The city had interesting art of high quality on the walls, and local dogs and cats were running around reluctantly. Yes, that's the beauty of Lagos, so many aspects together, so diverse.


Coimbra, Sightseeing

Like I wrote before, Coimbra is extremely rich in history and culture. One of the masterpieces to visit is Church of Santa Cruz with its breathtaking views ūüėć

The Statue

I don't know the name of this statue, I don't know who has created it. But I feel how powerful it is, how emotional it is.

After a Month 

Time flies, and today is exactly 1 month in Portugal. I went through a severe cultural shock, and now I am getting myself back. I was always very emotional and very expressive, maybe even too much. Then, I moved to a northern country, where people don't show their feelings. After 5 years, I learned to... Continue Reading →


‚ÄčWhile walking Portuguese streets, you see houses, churches, palaces covered with the ceramic tileworks, which are called azulejos. They differ in colours and patterns, bringing new aspects of Portuguese history and culture to tourists from all over the world. Azulejos appeared in the 13th century to imitate Roman mosaic. According to some sources, Azulejos were... Continue Reading →

Carmo Convent

Today's post is about my favourite sightseeing in Lisbon - Carmo Convent, the full name is Convent of Our Lady of Mount Carmen,  in Portuguese Convento da Ortem do Carmo. Last year I completely missed out this fascinating place.  The Convent was built in the Gothic style in 1389. In 1755, it suffered immensely from... Continue Reading →

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